Pete Stuttgen - 8 Points


Tim Fuller - 7 Points


Zach / Mark - 6 Points


Brady Pierce / Adam Kuznarsky - 5 Points





Rest of Field:




-----Current Handicaps-----

You MUST be a member and have 2 rounds
scored to receive an official handicap.

Tim Fuller: Even
Brady Pierce: 2
Mark Pierce: 7+
Zach Higgins: Even
Adam Kuznarsky: 2
Pete Stuttgen: (-1)

* The "+" denotes a handicap+ where a 3 stroke penalty is added to their official handicap. (This has already been factored into the listed number)

-----Points System-----

Chuck-it Bucket: 2 points for every disc won
Chuck-it Bucket: 5 points for every Goal-in-One!
1st Place Finish: 3 points (x2 points for Majors)
2nd Place Finish : 2 points (x2 points for Majors)
3rd Place Finish: 1 point (x2 points for Majors)
Tournament Ace: 10 points
Bogey-Free Round: 3 points
Receive an Official Handicap or Handicap+: 2 points
Upgrade from a Handicap+ to a Handicap: 3 points
Participate in a Travel Tournament: 3 points

*All Tie-Breakers will go in favor of the player with most tournaments played. In the event of a second tie, the tie-breaker will go in favor of the player with the most birdies for the season.

---Birdie Count for 2018 Season---

Pete Stuttgen - 5
Tim Fuller - 3
Zach Higgins - 1
Adam Kuznarsky - 1
Brady Pierce - 0
Mark Pierce - 0