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The Coronation (Part 2 of Championship Tournament)

The conclusion to our Post-Season Tournament (and final tournament of the 2019 Summer Flings Calendar) will be determined by the points winner at the end of the year.

The Points Winner this season could be you! And as part of your prize, you can select any course that we have played this year as the course to end our two-part post season tournament.

If the course selected is outside of Bloomington, there will be carpool options available. Please contact Tim Fuller if you are interested in driving or need to find a carpool to the tournament. All players will be notified of the departure time one week before tournament day.

This will be our only tournament that is not a random-draw card. The Lead Card will comprise of the previous week’s top finishes (handicaps included). Every group will start on Hole 1. The Chase Card will start the tournament. The Lead Card will begin 10 minutes after the Chase Card has finished Hole 1.

There is a $1 Ace Pot available, but there is no Chuck-It Bucket this week. The remaining pot will carry over to the 2020 Season.