Changes made to Crestmont so far...

After winning The Crest of Monte Cristo, Blazo changed Hole 1, moving the tee pad to a new location and made throwing through the clubhouse a triple mando - failing to make it through the mando adds a penalty stroke to the player.

After winning The Prime Lazenby, Zach has the opportunity to modify a hole for the season. (Not Done Yet)

After winning The Crest Mint Splash (Major), Tim changed Hole 4, creating a drop zone. If a player throws out of bounds, they will add a penalty stroke, proceed to the drop zone (Hole 5's tee pad), and throw from there. THIS CHANGE IS PERMANENT

After winning Chakta Viga, Brandon changed Hole 12, making the natural tunnel on the hole a triple mando. If a player fails to throw through the mando on their first throw, they will add a penalty stroke and continue playing the hole.