Pete Stuttgen

A man who makes his living with timely deliveries, The Courier’s only thought is beating his opponents to his destination. His determination allows him to ignore the competition and play free of any pressure from the other players. Even the Commissioner of the league has fallen victim to Pete’s hunger for victories (numerous times). Although he relies heavily on his forehand, don’t be fooled, a course has yet to keep the Courier from making his delivery and besting all competitors in the field.


Adam Kuznarsky

Not many people know the legend of the Wolf Dancer. With his tornado-like throwing motion and the way he displays himself during his split putts, there’s no hiding the ferocious ballet he displays every tournament. This wolf doesn’t require a pack, he’s more than able to take 1st place on his own.


Zach Higgins

PB Butts was the winner of the first ever SF tournament. Posting a victory, two runner-ups and two 3rd-place finishes in the inaugural season, he seems to be quite comfortable when the competition is at its best. He's never rattled, and has even been known to snack while others are cracking under pressure.


Brady Pierce

The Beege was one of the first members of Summer Flings. He started as a lefty-forehand player than decided to re-build his game from the ground up just to show people that either hand is capable of throwing a disc. He's already won a Major Tournament this year and now he's hungry for the Championship.



This mythical man is both an actual person and a part of Clan Blazo. Rarely in one place for long, we were lucky to have him for our inaugural season. Posting 2 tournament wins and a second-place finish, Blazo has never missed a podium. This lefty possesses an almost wizard-like control of the disc and makes even the most difficult throws seem routine.

Knox Playercard.png

John Knox

If you're looking for a natural cure to depression, anxiety, and/or bad luck then you need to spend time with this man. Knox rebuilt his shot from the ground up showing his adaptability and commitment to improving. His positive energy can be be your downfall though since he won't go easy on you during a round and you can't help but congratulate him if he gets the best of you.


Bryan Holland

The Rookie started playing disc golf in June of this year, quickly become the front-runner for this year's Rookie of the Year award. More than doubling his distance off the tee in that time, he's been playing with the mindset 'putting is easier when you park the disc with the 1st shot'. Who can argue with that logic?


Nelson Cano

Nelson joined SF midway through the season and quickly made his presence known. The most experienced player in our league, Nelson is always challenging for the top of the podium. He's not here with the intent to dominate the field, that's just the byproduct any time he plays the game.


Blake Miles

The "Boy Wonder" won the only SF tournament he has ever played. He's comfortable throwing backhand & forehand, making him formidable on every course. It seems the only way to force him into a play is with mandatories but due to their scarcity, he'd rather just bulldoze his way to the podium playing his way.


Cameron Rose

Crotch Mahogany might sound like a name for mockery, but don't be fooled - This man is NO joke. With an ever-evolving bag & the skills to improve every week, the only thing holding back his reign atop our league is his need to forage for fungus. He's always near the podium so it won't be long 'til he's a titan on the course


Mark Pierce

If you've been north of Bloomington then you've heard of the Miracle Man. The pride of Martinsville, it's amazing they haven't renamed the city in his honor. A natural lefty, he finds it more challenging to play with his other hand. He's been with SF since its start & plans to be the last one standing at season's end.


Brandon Chance

Brandon won 3 tournaments last season as well as 2 silvers and a bronze place finish. He's grown comfortable with standing on the podium & keeping him off of it has proven to be a difficult task.
With his backhand, forehand, and tomahawk throws, he always has the tools to make a run at the basket.


Ali Mills

New to the world of disc golf, Ali has been consistently improving her game (halving her handicap in a matter of months). Her passion for the grassroots beginnings of the game knows no bounds having made her own basket because "chains are chains" and she's getting used to hearing them chime whenever her Jawbreaker putter finds itself in her hands.