Karst Farm Park


Changes Made to Karst Farm Park So Far...

After winning The Spring Fling with The April Fool, Blazo modified Hole 8, moving the tee pad left to throw off of the walking path.

After winning The Limestone Showdown, Zach modified Hole 13, making it a mando to go right of the (giant) tree.

After winning The Time Confusion (Surprise) Tournament, Blazo modified Hole 14, moving the tee pad to the concrete pad to the right of the normal placement.

After winning Balsa Pipeline, Blazo modified Hole 13, changing the tee pad to a new location.

After winning the Mid-Season Extravaganza, Blazo changed Hole 16, moving the tee pad to the location shown (map).

After winning the Hawk Stone Classic (Major), Brady has the opportunity to modify a hole PERMANENTLY (Not Done Yet).