Summer Flings is a disc golf league for people of all skill levels that plays in and around Bloomington, IN. Initially started to help get people into the game, it quickly became a league for meeting new players in the Southern Indiana area.  

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If you're somehow here without a clue as to what in the world of sports disc golf is, may the brief video to the right be your introduction.

In short, it's exactly as it sounds: like golf with discs!


Our 26 tournament season begins April 1 and continues until September 29. Then we kick-off Touna-Month (October) with an Ace Race for the Ace Pot and our 2-part end-of-year Championship.

We normally play on Sundays at 11AM, but on certain weeks play Saturdays at 4PM (when playing at a church course or traveling to a course outside of Bloomington).


We are based in Bloomington, IN and play courses within an hour's drive from Bloomington.



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